February 15, 2016

Engineering Survey – Finding The Right Person For The Job

Engineering surveying

Are you thinking of getting an engineering survey done for a new construction site? Would you like to assess a building for any risks either electrical or geographical? An Engineering surveyor could get the job done for you. Engineering surveys are particularly helpful for people in the construction business. It allows them to:

  • Survey the land for any deformities which might cause trouble in the long run.
  • Help assess the structure of a building to make it as safe as possible for use.
  • Check out the electrical wiring and making it a safe place for residents.

The following are a few things which you should keep in mind before you hire someone for an engineering survey.

Make Sure they have the Right Experience

When it comes to matters like construction or demolition it’s always best to go with those who have been in the business for a longer time. The basic reason why it’s important is because these are the people who have the right kind of experience to carry out work which requires such minute detailing. To find the right person for the job you should do your research either by talking to different people in the same business as yours or searching through the yellow pages.

Once you have shortlisted a few companies it would be wise to check them out on Google as well. This way you can see a few testimonials of previous clients.

See who they have Worked for in the Past

Engineering Survey firms often proudly display the number of clients they have worked for in the past. Take a look at some of the projects which they have handled, whether these projects are pertaining to your specific surveying needs or not. This would help you understand who would be the right person for you to employ.

Take a note of services they Offer

There are certain engineering survey firms which specialize in only certain kinds of surveys. The following are some of the surveys which an engineering firm might offer.

  • 3D Laser Scanning DeviceConstruction surveying which include everything from building surveys to railroad and volumetric surveys.
  • Engineering surveys for desalination plants.
  • Carrying out on any concrete or civil work for particular projects.
  • LNG plants and utility projects.
  • Engineering surveys for harbors and sea ports.
  • Harbor extensions and wharf surveys.
  • Construction of bridges and pipelines
  • Installation of specific marine structures
  • Preparation of site for construction
  • Setting up piping routes
  • Openings and closures for road blocks

It’s not necessary that a surveying firm specializes in all these projects. Rather choose someone who can work in your specific genre for the best possible experience.

Keeping all these above factors in mind could actually help you find the right person for an engineering survey. Just make sure that you know how much they would charge you for your project. Negotiations should always be done before a project goes underway. This is the best method of ensuring that there are no unlikely surprises in the end.

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