March 07, 2017

Pamphlet Printing

Five Things to Know Before You Get Your Brochure Printed

2017 election printing

Pamphlet printing is a great strategy to advertise without having to spend a great deal. However a pamphlet should clearly state what you want to advertise. Whether it’s an advocacy group for human rights, an ad for an animal shelter or a simple way to sell your stuff, keeping the following things in mind would be a tremendous help.

A great looking front cover

What’s the first thing that catches your fancy when you are looking at different stuff? Most people would say the color, others might talk about dimensions. But everyone would agree that if something is visually appealing it becomes pretty much eye catching.

The same goes for pamphlet printing as well. The front cover is what would attract people towards looking and eventually reading your pamphlet. When getting a pamphlet printed in at a press in Papa New Guinea, make sure you are completely satisfied with the front cover.

Make sure it has a catchy heading and some interesting graphics. This would make it more interesting for people to read and go through.

The quality of the paper

If you are all set to share your ideas wouldn’t it be all the more appealing if they are printed on a nice glossy looking paper? First impressions if made correctly often become lasting impressions. If you want to go all out than a nicely printed pamphlet could do wonders for your cause. On the other hand, slip shod work never gets appreciated as much as meticulously carried out work. So make sure what’s important for you. The low cost which are a temporary gain or a more long term benefit of classy publishing.

No misprints

One of the major mistakes which people make in pamphlet printing is to not pay heed to misprints. These misprints can represent you in a bad light. After all a person who doesn’t care about what’s printed about their cause is someone who couldn’t be too reliable. So make sure you double check the copy of the pamphlet before sending it out to print.


This one is directly connected to misprinting. The printer has no idea what your cause is about. They are paid to simply print your pamphlet not proofread it. It’s advisable to proofread your work at least once before sending it out to print. If it’s possible you could hire a proofreader as well. If not than make sure you ask a friend or an acquaintance to do it for you.

Don’t go overboard with the printing

People often go ahead and get thousands of pamphlets printed. However it’s always wise to print only how much you need. Otherwise all those pamphlets would be lying about somewhere in your office gathering dust. You need to actually check out how successful your pamphlet is. Therefore print fewer copes, if it’s a success you could always go ahead and get more printed.

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