January 14, 2016

Singing Lessons for Kids – How to Teach Children to Sing

Do you think your child is a great singer? Don’t you want to encourage them to sing better and hone their vocal skills? Teaching a child to sing is not too difficult. Read on to see how you can teach your child to sing well.

Children's singing lessons

Singing lessons are quite important for children to help master aural and vocal skills. The earlier you start voice training your child the easier it would be for them to learn singing.

Basic Tips for Helping Children learn to sing

Make sure of the following things when teaching your child to sing

  • The importance of good posture. A singer with a good posture appears confident and can sing better. A proper posture helps your voice sound good too. Always ask your child to maintain a good posture. Shoulders thrown back and back straight.
  • Help them with breathing techniques. Proper breathing techniques can help improve voice quality.
  • Practice making hissing and buzzing sounds with the kids. After they have mastered these ask them to make Ah sounds using the right posture and techniques.
  • Help them with their aural skills. Ask them to match their voice along with the pitch. Going from high to low or low to high. Often children face difficulty understanding raised and lowered pitches. Show them what you mean by the raising and lowering of your hand.
  • Start them on the scales. Begin with the 3rd and 5th scale, using the solfege syllables. Once they have mastered these scales teach them to sing the complete scales.
  • Help children learn to pause between syllables. Once they can pronounce the syllables get them started on the vowel sounds. Make sure that they make those sounds using the correct mouth shape.
  • Help them learn few basic songs for beginners. Make sure they get the tone of those songs in solfege before attempting to sing the actual words. Helping children read the music is an important step in helping them become good singers.
  • Give your child an opportunity to perform solo in front of an audience. The audience need not be too many people. The children can start with singing for family members and then later on at parties or school musicals. All this well help your child gain the necessary confidence.

Music singing notesTeaching children to sing requires a great deal of practice and patience. Once the child starts perfecting their vowels and solfege sounds, singing would come to them naturally and without difficulty.

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