August 31, 2016

Whale Watching Season Hervey Bay: Things You Should Know

The best season to watch whales in Hervey Bay is between the months of July till November annually. There are many places one can actually go to have a good experience of whale watching, but further investigations revealed that Hervey Bay is said to be the safest place.

Whale watching activities in Hervey Bay

Why Hervey Bay

There are so many reasons why people love Hervey Bay. Apart from being a coastal city in Southern Queensland, it is also a great place you can come and watch the activities of humpback whales. It is very close to Fraser Island, where there are lots of rainforest habitat, wildlife and dingoes. There are some calm waters for those that like to swim.

Understanding whale watching season

Whale watching season is a great season of catching fun with family and friends- if you want to relax and enjoy some beautiful nature in Australia, then think of coming to Hervey Bay. There are over 60,000 people living in this beautiful city, and many people are deeply engaged in tourism, because so many tourists are actually coming here periodically to enjoy the city’s beauty as well as the calm waters.

If you are thinking of having an adventurous whale watching expedition, then the right place would be coming to Hervey Bay- just come here and observe the dolphins and whales in their real natural habitat. You can do this as a form of educational or recreational purposes.

According to an available statistics, over 1 million people come to Hervey Bay to watch whales annually. This is a good point, and it is really boosting the economy of Hervey Bay.

Whale watching tours

There are various kinds of whale watching tours; they are really available in lots of climates and locations such as:

  • whaleSouth Atlantic
  • Southwest Atlantic
  • West pacific
  • East pacific
  • North east Atlantic
  • North west Atlantic

Types of whales seen in Hervey Bay

Tourists see different types of whale watching in Hervey Bay, but the following are the unique ones among them:

  • Fin
  • Killer whales
  • Beluga
  • Humpback and so on


Just like we rightly said above, whale watching is one of the ways of making Hervey Bay an attractive spot for tourists- there is a joy that comes with observing whales from coastal regions.

Whale watching has overtime become one of the unique ways of growing the economic potentials of this cool city. People come here to catch fun with their family and friends.

If you truly want to enjoy an amazing whale watching experience, try as much as possible to try Hervey Bay. Even if you have tried other whale watching opportunities in other cities over the years, just come to Hervey Bay, you will be happy you did.

You can ask those that have done so in the past, they will tell you their experiences or alternatively, you can read up their comments online- this will give you an idea of how amazing Hervey Bay is.